Private Equity

Our private finance team was established in 1991. By 1996, the team expanded and developed into separate asset class teams including private equity. We invest in primary funds and co-investments with a focus on middle-market buyout and growth opportunities. Our advantage is highlighted by access to top-tier sponsors, strong and diverse co-invest deal flow, and the ability to invest and gain access alongside our long-term investor base.


Primary Funds

Our focus for fund investing is primarily on middle-market buyout and growth opportunities, but we also have the ability to take advantage of opportunities in funds focused on secondary or distressed investment types. We work collaboratively with clients with an emphasis on building client portfolios that are diversified by asset type, industry, manager and vintage year in order to manage risk and seek enhanced returns.


We actively pursue co-investments through the relationships we have built with top-tier sponsors over the past 30-plus years. Our focus is primarily on management buyouts, recapitalizations, and growth equity opportunities. Historically, these transactions have covered a wide array of both sponsors and sectors, with an emphasis on building the value of our clients’ portfolios through the long term appreciation of our investments.

Billion in AUM
Dedicated Private Equity Professionals
Billion in historically committed assets
Our Experience:
Years Avg. Investment Experience
Years Avg. PPM Tenure

Finding value through a
Disciplined investment approach

We believe our investment approach benefits from the best of both worlds – adaptability and rigor. We use both qualitative and quantitative tools to review our performance and the performance of our general partners in order to inform future decisions. We adapt our selection approach to take advantage of unique opportunities as they arise while also maintaining a rigorous, comprehensive due diligence process and post investment monitoring. We conduct a thorough review of track records, strategies and processes in addition to performing third-party legal and compliance reviews and background checks. This streamlined approach allows us to quickly identify and respond to co-investment and fund opportunities.

Philosophy & Strategy
  • Seek to generate top quartile returns through a combination of primary funds and co-investments
  • Focus on middle-market and growth opportunities
  • Increase allocations to our best general partner relationships that have delivered strong returns while selectively adding new general partners through our disciplined underwriting approach
  • Deliver highly customized private equity solutions to our clients
  • Provide diversification across vintage year, industry and manager in order to minimize risk
  • Collaborative and trusted investment process enables efficient decision making and allows us to be a value-added limited partner and co-investor
  • Minimize fee leakage through co-investments

Private Equity Assets

Primary Funds, $4.1B
Co-Investments, $1.7B

Our Insights

Investment Team

Experience and Stability

Our investment professionals are characterized by experience and continuity of team, effective decision-making processes, and deep industry experience.

photo of Champ Raju
Champ Raju

Managing Partner, Head of Private Equity

photo of Mark Staub
Mark Staub


photo of Tiffany Luna
Tiffany Luna


photo of Antonio Daily
Antonio Daily


photo of Ross Cameron
Ross Cameron


Investor Relations

photo of Melissa Fitzgerald
Melissa FitzGerald

Vice President, Private Equity Investor Relations

Our Advantage

  • Clients are at the core of everything we do

  • Long-tenured teams and processes

  • Investment-led organization

  • Established as an institutional solutions provider

  • Network and access to investment community

  • Team-based culture

Firm statistics provided above are as of 30 September 2023. (1) AUM totals are bucketed by SEC registration. Total may differ from strategy breakdowns, which exclude securities that may be classified as equity, but held in a non-equity strategy (i.e fixed income preferred stock holdings).