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Our Strategies


PPM is soley focused
on performance

We embrace market inefficiencies and volatility which is important for creating value for clients, with a strategic commitment to a relative value, fundamentals-based investment style. This approach shifts tactically in response to changing relative valuations, market environments and business cycles. In tandem with risk management, our investment team strives to ensure that portfolios are balanced and designed for stable, long-term performance.

billion in AUM1
real estate
public equity
fixed income
  • Fixed Income
    Our expertise spans a wide range of strategies including investment grade, high yield, floating rate, long short credit, and strategic income.
  • Public Equity
    Our expertise in public equity spans value strategies across all market capitalizations and Large Cap Core.
  • The team lends stability and brings a wealth of knowledge to both the investment process and overall management of Commercial Mortgage Loans, Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities and Real Estate Investment Trusts.
  • Private Equity
    The team's deep network of relationships provides access to a wide and diverse set of primary and co-investment opportunities.

Our Insights

Combining experience
and innovative thinking,
PPM delivers insightful
commentary across
the industry.

Our Funds

Introducing our new family of fixed income and equity institutional mutual funds.

1 As of 30 September 2018. Includes assets of PPM Finance Inc. (PPMF), an affiliate that manages assets that are not securities, such as commercial mortgage loans and other real estate investments. As of 30 September 2018, PPMF managed approximately $7.68 billion and PPM managed $103.73 billion. 2 Commercial mortgage loans and other real estate investments are managed by PPM’s affiliate, PPMF.