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We understand that community and purpose are just as important as the job description when finding your next career. At PPM, we offer opportunities to get involved with a diverse network of peers and support the causes that are important to you. Your passion and talents can make a lasting impact on our organization and our community.

Career Opportunities

View open roles and apply for opportunities to join our team.

Supporting Our Teams

group of PPM employees celebrating Board Corp graduation
Culture & Values
Our values guide our internal conduct and help define the type of relationships we share with our investors, affiliates and other valued partners. 
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Our employees go the extra mile every day, and the benefits of working at PPM reflect our commitment to supporting and enhancing their personal and professional lives.
group of employees celebrating International Women's Day
Diversity & Inclusion
To attract and retain diverse talent, we know we must do more than just recruit—we must value the diverse strengths our employees bring to work every day. 

Community Engagement

We are committed to making a positive impact in our community by investing time, experience and fundraising efforts.